The best albums of 2021


“Donda” by Kanye West

By: Ashley Redhead

In a time when it’s difficult to feel connected to one another, “Donda” offered a beacon of hope; a collaborative project between a slew of artists all performing at their best with heightened passion. It is an ode to Kanye’s late mother Donda West, a professor, artist, and the magic behind the greatest rapper of all time. Through the album, Kanye redefines himself yet again, expanding the confines of what it means to rap. More than just a cultural event, it represents Kanye’s search for a higher power, the turmoil he feels as he tries to unite his family and community. Donda undoubtedly deserves album of the year as it is a self-reflection of Kanye’s past, present, and future, reaffirming that Kanye West is a musical genius.

“Punk” by Young Thug

By: Zachary Issacs

2021 saw many solid projects, from Drake to Kanye West to Polo G, but in terms of pure enjoyment, “Punk” by Young Thug tops them all. The Atlanta MC has been a monster in the hip hop game since 2015 and has produced hit after hit. “Punk” puts Thug’s experimental personality on full blast, with songs for a wide range of music tastes, making this album truly stand out. With stellar features from Post Malone, the late Mac Miller, and J. Cole, this album is a nice mix of voices while providing insight into Thug’s true self. The cherry on top of this project is the outstanding cover art that outshines the lackluster visuals of many other artists. Young Thug is an acquired taste and a critic can easily use his lack of lyrical depth as a flaw, but from a perspective of entertainment, no album this year has topped “Punk”. •

Call Me If You Get Lost” by Tyler, the creator

By: Njeri Booker

Tyler, the Creator’s sixth studio album “Call Me If You Get Lost” deserves the title of album of the year. Besides the fact that “IGOR” was snubbed in 2020, receiving best rap album of the year despite the fact that it definitely wasn’t a rap album, “Call Me If You Get Lost” puts Tyler’s flair on full display. Geniusly narrated by DJ Drama, the album is jam-packed with features from highly regarded artists like Brent Faiyaz, Lil Uzi Vert, NBA Youngboy and even Tyler’s long time mentor, Pharrell Williams. This album is a big step forward in Tyler’s musical career as he moves outside of his comfort zone in terms of lyricism and production, making this album a strong contender for the best album of 2021. •