The Beacon talks to newly elected SGA officers

Joanna Chait

Next year’s Student Government Association (SGA) is the first to be elected under a new voting procedure which requires members to take a specialized class, cuts down on the number of positions, only allows rising seniors to vote for the student body president, and requires members to take a specialized class. The changes were made in order to increase the productivity and seriousness of the organization. The Beacon spoke to recently-elected officers about their goals for the upcoming school year.

Student Body President: Keymiah Armstrong

“My goal is to make SGA more diverse and culturally better because not everyone gets a chance to say what they want to say,” said student body president-elect Keymiah Armstrong. “I want to advocate for class bonding activities,” explains Armstrong, who plans to try and bring grades closer together in order to make high school more enjoyable. She wants to create a senior cookout and upperclassman end of year trips.

Student Body Vice President: Jaidyn Barber

“I feel like there haven’t really been too many people of color in SGA and we feel like we aren’t as represented as white people,” explains Jaidyn Barber, the newly elected vice president. “One of the main things I want to change is the school spirit,” adds Barber, explaining that in her Freshman year she felt school spirit was more evident in Wilson culture. She hopes to increase school spirit and attendance by making school more enjoyable.

Student Body Secretary: Lillian Alten

“One thing I want to do is throughout the year have classes fundraise so that by the time they’re seniors their senior dues are lower,” suggests secretary Lillian Alten. “[I want to]  work with the feminine product situation in the bathrooms,” she added.

Student Body Treasurer: Rachel Wallach

“I also want to connect the student body more,” explains treasurer Rachel Wallach. She plans to improve the current spirit week and homecoming as well as the spring dance. Wallach hopes that increasing school spirit will bring the school together.

Junior Class President: Paige Hollander

“SGA is all about communication, our role is to be a bridge between the students and the admin. I just want to strengthen that,” explains 2021 class President Paige Hollander. “One of our major goals for next year is to set a precedent for following years and in doing so increase SGA’s reach and efficiency.”

Junior Class Vice President: Luke Widenhouse

“I think students need more power,” argues Luke Widenhouse, vice president of 2021, agreeing with the push for stronger communication between students, SGA, and staff.  “I feel like a lot of SGA officers run to run… I want to actually get stuff done.”

Sophomore Class President: Reagan Allvin

“Communication with the student body has been a priority for me,” says President class of 2022 Reagan Allvin. She wants to improve the general assembly meetings, explaining that attendance was low and communication about the meeting needs to be improved. Reagan also wants to give students an outlet to communicate with the SGA such as a scannable QR code.  

Sophomore Class Vice President: John Pierre

“I want to focus on developing unity between people [at Wilson],” explains Vice President class of 2022 John Pierre.