Wawa makes its way to Tenleytown


Courtesy of theagendanews.com

Virginia Suardi

As most of us are probably aware of by now, Wawa opened in late June just around the corner from Panera. While some students find the service subpar, the convenient location and variety of food options made it my go-to-spot.

Wawa has definitely hit the nail on the head for its market, which will presumably be students from American University and Wilson. As I walked into the gray tiled, spacious store, I noticed several things. First, the extensive size of the store! It is definitely a difference compared to other Tenleytown stores, which are often cramped.

I also enjoyed the wide variety of goods Wawa had to offer. Most prominently, there were the standard food counters where you could order pizza, slushies, and all the usual fast food fare. To my surprise, there were also a few aisles of healthier snacks and food items. Refrigerators lining the back were filled with a diverse assortment of water bottles and a few pre-packaged salads and lunches.

Most students that I talked to spoke positively of Wawa. They said that they loved the food, enjoyed the selection, and that the location is especially convenient. They also appreciated that Wawa is open 24/7, making it more accessible than most of its Tenleytown competitors.

However, I heard several complaints from Wilson students, mostly about service. Many emphasized that the payment system was “annoying” because ordering on the touch screens was a slow process. Junior Jane Hall said that Wawa was “overhyped” and Wawa’s traffic was “blocking” the bus stop. 

Overall, Wawa will be a good addition to our usual Tenley restaurants. Already, the convenience store seems to be a popular choice for Wilson students, and hopefully it will remain so!