Keeping relationships is important in quarantine


Graphic by Sarah Morgan

Keyla Sejas and Bryanna Portillo

As boredom and loneliness become a common feeling within most, technological innovations have come to save the day and our relationships. We’re currently facing a horrid reality with COVID-19, a worldwide struggle that has enforced many countries to have set stay at home orders. Although this solution may be limiting the spread of the pandemic, the distance from people has created a struggle that disconnects us from the outside world. 

As humans it’s important to exchange personal interactions to continue having active and productive lives, but how is that possible when you have been ordered to stay home? Fortunately, technology has made it much easier to stay connected to friends and any other acquaintances you can’t see face to face. Our phones carry messenger applications that can send a text in seconds and video chat features that can make talking to a friend more intimate. Additionally, social media apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, grant people the platform to share photos of their life in quarantine, so your school friends will still be aware of what you’re doing. 

Many people have been catching up on their favorite TV shows and movies alone as the stay at home orders are still in effect, however, there is a way you can watch that new series on Netflix with the people you love most while still sitting in the comfort of your own bed. Chrome released a new extension, Netflix Party, which allows people to host Netflix marathons with their friends including a chatbox, so they always know what you’re thinking or reacting and vice versa. Although you might not be watching a movie in the theatre or binging a TV show on your friend’s couch, it’s still an effective method to stay in touch and enjoy each other’s company from our screens, instead of in-person. 

This is definitely a tough time and puts a strain on different kinds of relationships, but my friends and I have managed to strengthen our bond. Every night my friends and I host our own game night, which consists of playing different games while talking on group Facetime. Although these aren’t the ideal memories I wanted to create and end my junior year with, they’re still something I’m grateful for. 

Whether it’s relationships with family, friends, or even acquaintances, remaining in contact with them is still extremely important. As the days go on, we all handle things differently and it’s sometimes refreshing to hear from an old friend. Nonetheless, this is a perfect time to appreciate everyone in your life with a text, call, or even a letter. If you’ve been missing your friends lately, set up a Zoom call and eat lunch together just like you did at school. 

May is the month of mental health awareness, and there are many options to offer support to family and friends. Our current reality is affecting everyone differently, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally, this is the perfect time for development. Relationships are crucial to our lifestyle, and this may put a strain on us but we must improvise. 

As we enter our seventh week of social distancing, just remember that you’re never alone and that space is sometimes good for everyone. We may be separated from one another, but technology is keeping us close. •