A guide to local thrifting

Charlotte Guy

The thrill of thrifting is scavenging for gems and poking around for great deals, not wasting your time looking for an adequate thrift store. Whether you’ve decided to thrift because of a tight budget, environmental benefits, or accompanying street cred, you’ll find what you’re looking for if you know where to look. Experienced thrifters and newbies alike shouldn’t skip over these stores.

Frugalista: Nestled inside Mt. Pleasant, Frugalista is easily accessible by any of the H buses. This small thrift store has quite reasonable pricing, with 10 bucks being a reasonable budget for a couple of items. As a plus, it’s not far from Dos Gringos if you’re craving ice cream. This store had a small collection of ‘the Mountain’ graphic tees, which are always cropped or oversized. 

Montgomery County Thrift Store: Talk about quaint! Volunteers tend to be sweet old ladies. There’s not a huge selection of clothes, but definitely a couple of gems worth looking for. They also have a $1 sale section bin, which is a great perk. There’s only one dressing room, but the store makes up for it with the various knick-knacks they have like candle holders, ashtrays, and jewelry. Psst *insider info* Sundays are 50 percent off!

Value Village: This is definitely my most frequently visited thrift store. It’s great for books and trusty for candles and school supplies if that’s what you’re looking for. There’s a large selection, so get ready to dig. You can always find a sweet jacket or retro sweater in the men’s section. If you’re that girl looking for chunky grandpa shoes, this might be the place for you. 

Georgia Ave: This one doesn’t have the biggest selection to choose from, but it’s still worth it to check out. I’ve found some of my favorite vintage dresses here and it’s also good for athletic gear. Make sure to check for the color of tags and sale days!

Unique: Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, this location is one of three in the DMV. It’s one building divided by another Value Village. The huge selection from either of the stores makes up for the trek there, but you’ll have to be ready to dedicate hours of your day to sorting. It has some of the best jeans in the little boys’ section, also cheaper. You can also find some lovely lady friends there who will talk to you for hours about their finds.