Volleyball team loses state title following successful season


Margot Nissen

Anna Gustafson

After three months of hard work and grit, Wilson’s girls varsity volleyball team is wrapping up their season with an impressive 27-5 record. Coached by sisters Patrice and Perette Arrington, the team won their fourth consecutive DCIAA title and 20th total in the school’s history. In the DCSAA championships, they made it to the finals for the second time ever against St. John’s and received second place in the tournament.

Perette, the head coach, explained that one component contributing to the team’s success is their “versatile players,” those who can play various positions. “[It’s] helpful so we can move our lineup around based on what we need and how we prepare for our opponent,” she said. 

Senior captain Lyric Snowden added that another strength of the team is that they “gelled really well this year,” allowing them to form close bonds and work well together on the court.

Both new to Wilson this year, sophomore Summer Campbell and freshman Gillian Gessert have been “a great addition to the team,” junior Anna Wehebrink said. After last year’s setter graduated, Gessert stepped up to the difficult task and is now a starting freshman. “It’s kind of hard to play volleyball without a setter so we were kind of blessed that [Gessert] came to Wilson,” Snowden said. 

Campbell transferred to Wilson this year and has also made major contributions as a middle hitter on the court. “[Campbell] was definitely a big help to our team,” Wehebrink said.

For the players and coaches, the highlights of the season include the win against Maret and the DCIAA championship victory against School Without Walls. Wehebrink explained that Wilson was the underdog against Maret, having lost to them last year, but ended up beating them. Perette pointed out that “everything came together” during the DCIAA championship, describing it as “masterful.” Unsurprisingly, the team walked out with another DCIAA title under their belts.