Girls lacrosse season revived after parent-led effort

Marco Squitieri

The Wilson girls lacrosse team has been reorganized as a club team in order to facilitate a season this spring. The effort, led by parents and the Wilson Tiger Boosters, affiliates the team with US Lacrosse, bringing exciting opportunities to eager players. 

According to Boosters President Maria Emmanuel, this new system allows the team—now going by the Tenley Tigers— to compete against private schools in the DMV area. “We’re not really playing scholastically as a Wilson High School team,” Emmanuel said. The affiliation with US Lacrosse opens the door to numerous benefits, such as grant opportunities and an assortment of liability and medical insurance. 

Orchestrating the season was no easy feat. Getting the gears turning again after last March’s shutdown was a challenge in and of itself. Wilson Tiger Boosters and Girls Lacrosse Boosters treasurer and Girls Jason Orlando likened it to Newton’s first law; an object at rest will remain so unless acted upon by a force. 

That force was the parents, the Wilson Tiger Boosters, and others associated with the team, who took on logistical nightmare after logistical nightmare all in the name of providing the team with a chance to play the sport they love. 

Another major challenge faced by organizers was the health and safety of everyone involved. The team has developed a regimented coronavirus testing system where each member of the team is tested weekly. The tests provided by the DC Government are self-administered by lacrosse players at home. Anyone participating in games or practices must produce a negative COVID-19 test from the previous seven days. 

The team will no longer be affiliated with Wilson, but some familiar faces will return nonetheless. Both Varsity Head Coach Jacqueline Cook and JV Head Coach Rosa Fuentes have joined the Tigers for the upcoming effort. Retaining the same coaching staff will hopefully help ensure a sense of continuity in the girls’ lacrosse program.

After seeing the success of the model implemented for the girls, a similar structure was put in place for the boys lacrosse team. With new head coach Ryan Jones at the helm for the foreseeable future, the team was able to compete within the same system as the girls. 

In sports perseverance is an important trait. Having to persevere through losses or injury is common, but rarely does one have to persevere simply to have their team take the field. Thanks to the perseverance of the Wilson Tiger Boosters and each and every player, lacrosse was able to be played no matter what stood in their way. •