Tennis spring season underway

The Wilson Tennis team is thrilled to have officially begun their 2021 spring season after the DCIAA  allowed them to play earlier this spring. 

The team held week-long tryouts during the first week of April and has been practicing four times a week for a season chock-full of matches, which started right after spring break. 

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the players are all coming into the season at different fitness levels since many haven’t been able to train. The team is working hard to improve by doing drills, challenge matches, and integrating conditioning into their workouts.

Head Coach Chirstine Dooley said she began the season by pushing players at a medium level, and emphasized to them that improving as a team is reliant on their effort. “They know that conditioning is good for them, it will make them stronger, faster athletes,” Dooley said.

“It’s on them to try their hardest and improve. This is about effort and character.” Dooley said, adding that, “they have to think and act like athletes to improve and push themselves.”

Luckily for the players, tennis is a very COVID-friendly sport; it’s completely outdoors and the net naturally distances competitors. Players wear masks at all times and get their temperature checked before every practice. After filling out a form ensuring that they haven’t been exposed to the virus or are experiencing any symptoms, they can set foot on the court and begin to hit. 

Junior Louisa-Sophia Filmer said she is “thankful for the commitment that everyone on the team has made to ensure that we’re all safe.”

Even though the team lost a lot of  seniors to last year’s graduating class, Dooley is more confident than ever about the strength of the team. “We have some good talent on the team this year, both with girls and boys,” Dooley said. “I feel like it’s the best I’ve seen in my 3 years at Wilson.” 

Filmer added that the new freshmen on the team seem to be promising players. Without a doubt, the tennis team is prepared for their season and ready to take on their competitors. They are determined to win the league. Come out and watch your Wilson Tennis Tigers! •