Why, Wilson?

Shaina Adams and Chloe Fatsis

The pool entrance, reserved for juniors and seniors, seems at first to be a convenient option for those looking to bypass the longer lines at Wilson’s main entrance. But if you’ve ever had the experience of arriving at the pool entrance at 8:54 only to be told that it’s closed and you have to walk all the way to the main entrance, you’d probably know that it’s not all fun and games. So why, Wilson, does the pool entrance close so early?

According to Security Officer Stallings, who declined to give her first name, it is necessary to clear the area near the pool entrance at 8:55 “so that they can clear the crowd of kids coming and going before classes start.” Makes sense, until you realize that there aren’t really any classrooms directly around the pool entrance.

Throughout January and into February, security lines at the front entrance were unusually long. As many students cleverly deduced, the middle x-ray machine was out of order, limiting students to the other two machines.

Director of Strategy and Logistics Brandon Hall explained that the machine broke due to “a glitch in the system or a malfunction at a certain point due to age and overuse.” Wilson promptly ordered a replacement part and once it arrived on February 6, they were able to repair the machine. While the school was waiting for the shipment, Wilson temporarily extended the time that the pool entrance was open, according to Athletic Director Mitch Gore.