Two DC high schools closed following coronavirus concern

Sophia Ibrahim

School Without Walls and District of Columbia International School closed on Monday, March 9th to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

A School Without Walls teacher was in contact with a coronavirus patient from Nigeria who stayed overnight at her home. While the teacher tested negative for coronavirus and remains asymptomatic, they will self-quarantine for two weeks. On Sunday, DCPS disinfected every surface in student and staff areas following CDC guidelines. The building will be deep cleaned again on Monday before school resumes on Tuesday.

The District of Columbia International School closed for a “deep cleaning,” however, no information was provided on whether there was any contact with someone with coronavirus.

There are now two confirmed cases in DC, and seven others in the neighboring Maryland and Virginia, including five in Montgomery County. At least two of the Maryland patients have recently returned from overseas travel.

School Without Walls senior Alexander Landinez does not believe there was a major risk of students contracting coronavirus, but is appreciative that DCPS took the concern seriously. “I am just relaxing and enjoying the day off,” he said. •