Girls lacrosse handle budget cuts, regulations, and a cancelled season

Lila Chesser and Becca Green

Despite facing Covid-19 and being excluded from Wilson’s sports lineup, the girl’s lacrosse team is determined to find ways to play this spring season. The girls hold unofficial captains’ practices and hope to eventually play games while staying safe.

Their first practice was held last Wednesday, but with a twist. No coaches were present and the practice was run by the team captains. Though the captains mostly shared introductory information and tried to make the new girls feel welcome, the practice also included some conditioning. Practicing for three weeks before their first game last spring, COVID-19 cancelled the lacrosse season, ending it before it could even begin. Right now, the upcoming spring lacrosse season is up in the air.

Even though unofficial captains’ practices are underway, the team is still scouting prospective players, especially underclassmen. Junior captain Taylor Jackson explained “We started preseason so early, so we can get everybody up to speed. It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a stick before.”

Jackson explained how they are preparing for the tentative spring season. “Right now we’re running practices to get everybody familiar with each other and hammer in the basics and conditioning.”

Furthermore, Sabina Lordan, senior captain of the team, explained that the girl’s lacrosse varsity and JV programs were completely cut from funding because of the pandemic. The team has to fund itself in order to get the opportunity to play. “Parents decided to organize boosters, which are fundraising programs, so that we can pay for all our fees,” said Lordan.

However, the team is used to raising money. Lordan explains, “even without the pandemic, we don’t get as much money as other teams, like baseball.” Now they will have to raise even more money in order to pay for referees, coaches, scrimmages, uniforms and buses.

Additionally, health and safety is prioritized; all players are required to wear masks and stay six feet apart at the captains’ practices which makes it hard to find a field big enough for the whole team to play while socially distancing.

Lordan’s dad, Tim Lordan, one of the boosters, explained how the team has raised and managed their money. “The players have held bake sales and sold drinks at games.” Since they can no longer do these types of fundraisers during the pandemic, “the boosters have to raise money in other ways, so they’ve been reaching out to parents to contribute what they can.”

Mr. Lordan also talked about the overarching Wilson athletics booster program, the Wilson Tiger Boosters. The Wilson Tiger Boosters has its own bank account and treasurer. The girl’s lacrosse team works with them to hold and keep track of their funds.

Despite the need to raise money and follow mask mandates, “Pre Season is the perfect time to get to know your new teammates, get comfortable with the game, and get back in shape,” encourages Jackson. “Come out and join us!”