I know Wilson is HOT and the public should too

Charlotte Guy

March 27, starting at 9 AM, Radio station HOT 99.5 is holding a battle of local high schools, and Wilson is a nominee. Winners get an exclusive (virtual) live performance with a secret artist (but we should want to win regardless). If you’re a true tiger, click the link at the end to vote. If you need some more convincing, read ahead. 

Oh, Wilson… You beautiful dilapidated fool. How I miss you. 

Your entrance, which eagerly greeted students every morning, your architecturally astounding atrium that kept us dry (except for when it leaked), your very own rose garden, which amazed visitors (though I have yet to see a rose in bloom, and so the vibrant colors and enchanting fragrances will live eternally in my head).

But how could I rave about the infrastructure, when it is our benevolent administrators, who keep everything running internally. It is the admin who go out to collect the fresh water when it rains and disperse the precious H2O in trash cans around the atrium for the student’s consumption. They are so kind, keeping us from consuming the chunky water in the fountains.

Which reminds me, how could I forget the lovely soundscape of Bargeman’s blasting tunes, combined with peers’ munching during lunch? The noises compose a melody so pleasing, you don’t even mind that you can’t hear yourself think.

Ah, lunch—just the thought of it brings a smile to my face. The school lunches are so good, everyone wants a bite (even our furry friends, the mice). And somehow, leaving the lunchroom was just as fun. Walking up the stairwell was a constant reminder of how generous my peers were. Every day, I got to see all the food on the steps, obviously left for others to nibble on. Sometimes I would go to my next class with that same reminder smeared on the bottom of my shoe. 

The stairwells in and of themselves are enough to earn Wilson the title of the best school in the DMV. Actually, no, I take that back…the stairs should earn Wilson the title of “best school in the world.” They were so narrow and allowed me to develop a familiarity with my fellow tiger’s rears (something I had been longing to do for a while). 

Though I can only speak for the girls, the bathrooms were a pristine delight that I frequented as often as I could. Many of the doors have large enough gaps between them that I get to make eye contact with everyone and their mother; I never feel alone. Oh my, and the not-so-sanitary, sanitary-napkin bins that would constantly fall off the wall. Haha so fun! Maybe if we had normal trash cans in the bathrooms… no. Let me not dream any further.

We also have so many other facilities and amenities at student’s disposal, that Wilson is essentially a luxury AirBnB for you and 2,000 of your closest friends. “What amenities?” you may be asking. Well, the pool of course. Ahaha. Just kidding. Students aren’t really allowed to use the pool, those grimy little weirdos. 

Instead, students actually get a good fraction of the basement devoted to our locker rooms. That dingy labyrinth is so fun to explore, and whenever I actually managed to make my way to the girls’ showers the cold water was already running for me!

I could go on forever, so I’ll wrap this up. Wilson: she’s not like other girls. In fact, she is the holy grail of DCPS, and I know you miss her as much as I do, so do me a favor and vote for Wilson as the best school in the DMV on HOT 99.5’s Instagram story.