A love letter to Wordle

Madeline Motes

Dear Wordle,


How do I love thee? A word game that was born as a love letter (creator Josh Wardle designed the game for his partner), so of course your five-letter puzzle is impossible not to adore. So simple…and yet there´s some magic when I open you each day. Your green, yellow, and black colors guide me along my vocab journey. I can´t stop playing. Mundane COVID days turned joyful when I shared my score with family and friends. Who knew you could bring so much meaning, so much joy to people when they solve you each day? 

Boost your score to impress. Then gloat to everyone you know. What´s a great first guess? I really don’t know! Is it plane or train? Crime or death? I’m a dunce and go insane when you have double consonants like SPILL or QUELL! It might be crust, or cross. Get the letters all green, or you´re in for a major loss! It’s better if you make it in one or two tries. When you don’t get the word you hear cries. All to your demise. 

When your family accidentally slips up and spoils the word, it’s a disgrace. Not knowing as they reveal the word right in front of your face. Endless posts, competition. Over the month I’ve fallen into a rhythm. I reach for you each morning, and sometimes late at night. It may be hard at times but I’ll push through. Without you, what would I ever do?



Madeline Motes