Tips for the Holiday season

Sophie Reeves

For many people, this time of year is the first holiday season since the start of the pandemic where the whole family is together again. It’ll be nice to see everyone, but it’s been a while, so here are some hacks to remember as you reconnect with loved ones:


  1. Get a flu shot weekly (daily if you can!) in preparation for family gatherings. Being the ultimately-vaxxed person at the table is a flex. 
  2. Write a list of conversation starters so there’s something to talk about with the family members who don’t recall who you are at all, because the last time you spoke to them was two years ago!
  3. Pretend to know the really unfamiliar guy at Thanksgiving dinner. (He remembers exactly what you looked like when you were five).
  4. Bring up every single controversial political opinion you’ve ever had. Do it. This isn’t a tip. It’s fully mandatory. Also, if you don’t get the last word in during every one of these discussions, you lose. Go!
  5. Ask Grandma if she has seen Squid Game. 
  6. Leave the turkey in the oven for however long. Just wing it 😉
  7. Get a grip on reality so you can make small talk.
  8. Get your mom a bar of ~Christmas-themed~ soap from TJ Maxx for the sixth year in a row (a mug works too!)
  9. Humor Uncle Bill when he asks if you want to hear about how the moon landing was fake.
  10. Stigmatize liking eggnog. So nasty… •