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A guide to local thrifting

Charlotte Guy

February 2, 2020

The thrill of thrifting is scavenging for gems and poking around for great deals, not wasting your time looking for an adequate thrift store. Whether you’ve decided to thrift because of a tight budget, environmental benefits,...

Clothing swap highlights sustainable fashion initiative

Isabelle Pala

February 2, 2020

If you didn’t see the signs hanging around the school, then you likely heard about the clothing swap from a friend who scored three new shirts and a cute dress for free. Not only was every item in the swap as cheap as it gets...

Summer clothes belong at the back of the drawer (permanently)

Charlotte Comrack

December 23, 2019

September 22, the first official day of fall, means only one thing in my mind: it is finally sweater weather. I am beyond excited because for the past six dreadful months of summer and spring, I was forced to wear uncomfortabl...

Entrepreneurs in the making: Split Personalities clothing line

Kennedy Whitby

May 5, 2019

Senior Steven Adams kicked off his fashion career by reselling items from brands such as Off White, Supreme, and Bape, for profit, when he conceived the idea of founding his own clothing line. “Why sell other people's clothes whe...

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