Spring fashion predictions

Mailey Rash

Looking back at 2020’s spring fashion trends in comparison to now is a very interesting juxtaposition! Last spring sweatpants, floral shirts, chains, and bathing suits were of utmost popularity for all ages. However, this spring, I predict that the color tones and types of accessories worn will change. 

Primarily, one of the major changes to this season’s styles are the color hues. Sorbet tones such as varying shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue, along with pops of white on behalf of leather boots or sundresses are the incoming colors this season. Furthermore, last spring’s jean shorts were short, distressed, and high-waisted. Yet, I predict that mom jean shorts are going to flood into any and all stores this spring! On that note, high heels are rolling back into the daily gear as well as combat boots, ornate heels, knee-high boots, and chunky heel sandals.

We must not forget about jewelry for this year’s spring fashion trends. I expect that purses, along with hand bags, will consist of extremely short hoop-like curves around the shoulder in pastel tones and animal print.  Now for jewelry, I see dangly earrings featuring paper clips, chains, butterflies, and snake designs. Lastly, another type of accessory that I predict will be transferring to spring trends are scarves that hold up one’s hair or are used in sunglasses. Scarves as unique shirts have been popular for a while and I believe that they will remain an intriguing choice of attire for this spring’s 2021 trend.

 In conclusion, my take on this spring’s fashion trends entails a rather drastic shift in accessories preferences, as well as alluring choices on the color palette. Let’s wait and see what the summer brings!