Forecast for this fall: moody, baggy, and bold

Adler Amolsch

Temperatures are dropping and leaves are changing—fall is finally here! It’s time to swap our favorite summer tanks with forgotten cashmere, wools, and hoodies. 

Last autumn, most of us were able to completely avoid spending hours hunting for the perfect pair of jeans. Now that school is finally back in session, fashion seems to be more prominent than ever. This season, as we ditch the stained sweatpants, let’s take a look at the most exciting fall trends. 

Baggy jeans and denim: As fall brings chilly winds and bitterly cold days, staying snug is essential. But no one wants to go out in their boring leggings or painfully tight skinny jeans. To achieve the nearly impossible “cute and comfy” look, everyone needs to purchase a solid pair of baggy jeans. The bigger the better. From boyfriend to bootcut, loose-fit denim is both stylish yet effortless. The most reliable pairs can be found by rummaging through your dad’s closet or stopping by your local Goodwill. 

Chunky boots and shoes: From Clogs to Doc Martins to Converse platforms, the footwear this season is definitely going to be elevated, literally. Staying warm is a top priority, meaning boots are number one on everyone’s hit list. Inspired by the 90’s combat boot, consider investing in a pair of Doc Martins or Chelsea Boots to throw a chic twist on your look while also staying functional and warm. Not only are chunky boots spunky and on-trend, they are also timeless and durable, so you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Ugly sweaters: Continuing down the trend of throwback fashion, 80’s frumpy sweaters seem to be the hottest craze. Now that we have to leave the comfort of our bedrooms for school, these ageless sweaters definitely replicate that cozy feel. These sweaters also possess a multitude of colors and patterns that allow for a refreshing look to break away from the dull winter tones. Ranging from bohemian to argyle, green to purple, and blue to brown, everyone needs this vintage apparel.  

Dark Academia: Last on the list for Fall 21 trends, is the classy yet mysterious aesthetic of Dark Academia. Sparked by 1940’s prep school uniforms, pieces such as leather overcoats, blazers, and plaid mini skirts, create a modernized study session look. The rich tones of the style such as blacks, browns, and oranges also incorporate the warm neutral hues of Autumn. This new aesthetic is the perfect umbrella trend that covers every essential piece you need this fall.