Thank you, teachers

Charlotte Guy and Emily Mulderig

Last March, we stepped foot in Wilson’s halls for what would be the last time in over a year and our teachers plunged head-first into the world of virtual instruction.

Teachers have walked the fine line between keeping us on track and recognizing that students are scared and overwhelmed—all while managing their own stress. After trudging through months of distance learning, we couldn’t be more grateful to our teachers for all they have done.

Nowhere in their training were teachers instructed how to teach during a global pandemic. Nevertheless, they embraced a slew of online platforms, from Canvas to Zoom to Google Classroom, while trying to ensure distance learning would be accessible for all their students.

And this past fall, teachers wholeheartedly welcomed a batch of new students, knowing full well they might never get to know them like they used to. Missing the gratification they would normally get from hearing students laugh and talk in their classrooms is surely discouraging, but we appreciate their efforts to forge connections with students nonetheless.

But we can’t thank teachers without applauding countless other Wilson staff members. Counselors have conducted wellness checks, offering their time to students who are struggling. Moreover, Principal Martin went through 12 iterations of a reopening plan, searching for a way to keep the community safe so that in-person learning could resume for students who need it.

Teachers—thank you for making it work. Despite the frustrating days that make us want to throw our computers out the window, you’ve continued to be flexible and understanding. We’re more than grateful for your steadfast commitment.