Smithsonian Arts and Industries museum presents “FUTURES”

The Smithsonian Arts and Industries building is opening in November 2021 after nearly 17 years of being closed to the public. Partnering with Autodesk and Rockwell Group, the exhibit “FUTURES” will introduce around 32,000 square feet of art installations, experiments, fascinating artifacts. Furthermore, many of these objects will come from the Smithsonian’s other museums and centers.

The project weaves together human and artificial intelligence exhibits in a fantastical modern method that focuses on the future of the human species. The exhibit will offer events (both during the day and at night), workshops, performances, and more.

The timing of the exhibit also comes at the same time as the Smithsonian’s 175th anniversary. The Arts and Industries building was actually America’s first National Museum, originally opened in 1881. The building will be open until July 2022, and Smithsonian plans on continuing to renovate the space in hopes for a permanent reopening.

The museum was originally shut down in 2004 over structural concerns. Multiple plans and funds were created for a renovation, but those were eliminated due to financial issues. The building finally underwent a $55 million renovation and was set to reopen in 2014 to the public, but the Smithsonian Institution abandoned the plan due to more financial issues.

Luckily, the Arts and Industries Building has overcome these obstacles and will open to the public, again, this November. Be sure to go and check out the “FUTURES” exhibit, stay safe, and have fun!