Faculty favorites: Ms. Krafft sends me to Lauriol Plaza

Addison Childre

The one and only Science Department Chair, Danielle Krafft, pondered what her favorite restaurant was for what seemed like an eternity before uttering the words, “have you ever been to Lauriol Plaza?” 

  Lauriol Plaza, a Tex-Mex restaurant located in Dupont Circle was established in 1983 and has almost a five-star rating. From food critics to clients, they have a reputation for serving quality food at affordable prices. The now landmark D.C. restaurant has a diverse clientele and a welcoming ambiance.

I tried it out on a busy Sunday night. Walking into the restaurant, the outdoor seating was calling my name but there wasn’t an open table in sight. When we asked about our seating options, the hostess quickly found a perfect spot for the two of us. 

As the night went on, the restaurant became louder and louder. On one side of our table, an intense conversation about “Sex and the City” transpired while on the other, a baby wailed loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear.

The service was satisfactory, with attentive and helpful staff. Waters were refilled every 30 minutes or so and the food was brought out in a timely manner. 

The menu was extensive so it took some time to choose what I wanted. They had sections ranging from “fan favorites” to “recommended combination orders.” I decided on the Guadalajara plate, which included one cheese enchilada, one ground beef taco, and one chicken tamale—the perfect combination to try a few different menu items.

Though I knew my order would be on the bigger side, I was not expecting the large portion that I was served. 

It was an average Mexican restaurant in an above-average location, making the whole evening somewhat enjoyable. While it seems completely understandable to fall in love with this place, it was just not for me.

Trying out Lauriol Plaza was definitely a decent first experience. Just know that you very well could find yourself being seated next to your favorite teacher, who may sadly remind you of the human body systems homework that you forgot to turn in the night before. •