Digital classwork should be here to stay

Lillian Gallant and Lily Mages

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN… and look at your computer! As of this year, DCPS has created a 1 to 1 policy providing all students a computer to use for school. We are here to tell you why the new paperless procedure is a great new way to do work and participate in classes. 

In previous years carrying around heavy textbooks, chunky binders, and scrambling to find loose worksheets was not a highlight of the school day. Now, with textbooks and notes being stored on our devices, it’s literally a weight off student’s shoulders! Now you can open a computer and have all assignments, readings, and classwork at the click of your finger. So not only is it physically lighter, it also removes the mental weight of having to track a million different papers

With pollution and climate change rapidly progressing, everyone should help in every way they can. Wilson cutting back on the amount of paper used by switching to technology, is a huge step in the right direction. According to National Geographic, paper waste takes 2-4 week to decompose. Not only is technology helping students stay organized, it is also starting to reduce the amount of waste the school produces.   

Finally as we go through the year, a key component of learning is receiving feedback from our teachers. In the past it could take a long time to get your work returned to you. However, with the use of Canvas and ASPEN to turn in work and see grades students can receive instant feedback. The ability to be able to go back to any assignment and it’s response makes work much more productive and efficient. 

Overall, the switch to primarily using computers in school instead of paper has many positive effects. With benefits such as fewer books and papers to carry, keeping all our work in one place, and helping reduce the amount of waste the school produces, what’s not to like?