Canvas 11:59 due date extends school day

Mailey Rash and Emma Ludgin

The transition to virtual school required DCPS to find new ways for students to learn and receive an education. This prompted the introduction of Canvas: a course management platform that allows students to  view their assignments, receive feedback, and much more. However, this new learning platform also gives teachers the ability to set deadlines at 11:59 p.m. the day before the class the assignment is due, instead of at the start of the next class. Instead, due dates on Canvas should be set to the start of class the day the homework is due.

 Pre-COVID, students could get their work done in the morning if they were occupied after school with sports or other hobbies, and simply turn in the paper that day. But now, with Canvas enabling a new 11:59 deadline for work, students are restricted from having the freedom and flexibility that they used to have when paper assignments were due before class. Furthermore, teachers having homework assigned and due the same day made life utterly challenging and stressful for students.

The deadline reduces the ability of students to manage their time according to their own individual schedules. Sophomore Sara Yoder explained that, “I don’t always have time to do my homework after school, and having it due at 11:59 requires me to stay up later, causing me to be tired when I go to school.” She also explained how this causes her to feel strung out and have low energy throughout the day. 

A simple fix to this is simply to have assignments due right before class. For example, first-period assignments would be due at 8:59 a.m., right before the first bell rings. This will ensure a tension-free environment for Tigers. 

  Overall, having assignments due at 11:59 is harmful, as it reduces the amount of time to complete assignments and causes stress. Tigers miss the flexibility they used to have. •