Give seniors a home during free periods

Lolera Tesema

It’s unfair to have to choose between two alternatives when you don’t like either. This is the exact predicament seniors with have free periods are in: go off campus, or face the school library. Instead, seniors should be given their own student lounge, rather than having to face two less than perfect options.

Going off campus is burdensome and creates a ruckus. Students leave for just a short period of time, return, and go through the entire security process before returning to their classes. 

Because we are now in the midst of a pandemic, there are also a limited number of options of where seniors can even go. Students with free periods are sometimes unable to study or relax off campus due to a lack of choices. 

On the other hand, we have the Wilson library, which is frequently crowded and can be hard to focus in because of the number of distractions and noise. It is also not a place where you can eat, which is a big pitfall because everybody loves to eat. The library is also filled with different grades, which can create even more distractions. At times, the library may even be closed because there are meetings being held. So it can be extremely aggravating when these are your only options.

There needs to be a designated area for seniors. The lounge should have multiple seating areas that can fit a good amount of people: couches, tables, desks, etc. There could also be a mini library for those who enjoy reading.

Throughout the school day, these students should have access to a lounge where they can come and go as they please during their leisure time. After all, during their last year they deserve a place to unwind, study, dine, and catch up on work. •