New Tenley Tuesday promotion provides restaurant discounts to students and staff

Zoe Friedman

The Tenleytown Main Street organization decided to kick off 2019 with a new business promotion: “Tenley Tuesdays.” Students, teachers, and administration at Wilson, along with other schools in the area, can get discounts at participating Tenley establishments on Tuesdays by showing their student IDs.

The promotion started on Tuesday, January 22, and will continue until the end of the school year. The restaurants currently participating in the program are Bandit Taco, Chick-fil-A, Crisp & Juicy, District Taco, Muncheez, Olive Bistro & Cafe, Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza, and SeoulSpice.

The Tenley Tuesday discounts are available to the more than 24,000 students, primarily at American University and the University of the District of Columbia, who live within a mile of Tenleytown. “We hope the Tenley Tuesdays program makes them feel welcome in our business district and encourages them to enjoy many dining options Tenleytown has to offer,” Executive Director of Tenleytown Main Street Leigh Catherine Miles said.

Tenley Tuesdays is a pilot program. If it is successful, it will be brought back next school year.

Miles explained that Tenley Tuesdays was created both to support Tenleytown restaurants and show appreciation for nearby schools. “Our purpose is to revitalize the Tenleytown business district by working in partnership with local businesses,” she said. “[Tenley Tuesdays is] not only to say thank you to those schools for the work they do and the teachers and the staff as well as the students, but also really to make those connections between the educational institutions and their local businesses and develop those relationships.”

The promotion is open to businesses as well, but only restaurants have decided to be part of it. Miles said that businesses are waiting to see if the initiative increases customers at participating restaurants before joining.

Emily Quintanilla-Sagastizado, a Muncheez employee, said that Tenleytown Main Street representatives approached the restaurant in mid-January and asked if they want to participate. Quintanilla-Sagastizado believes that the promotion has increased business.

Most students The Beacon interviewed were not aware of the promotion, but those who were informed strongly supported it. “I don’t really know about it, but is sounds cool,” Freshman Tino Zulu said. “I think it’s great,” added freshman Ella Cheney.

While teachers supported the initiative, some were apathetic. “I’ll never use it, except for groceries,” said math teacher Walker Yane.

The discount options at each participating restaurant varies. A complete list of Tenley Tuesday locations and special offers is available on the Tenleytown Main Street app.