Artsfest showcases palettes of student talent


Annette Leber and Ruby Mason

For the past five years, Wilson has held a week-long Artsfest during STEP and afterschool to showcase student talent in all art forms. The 2018-19 Artsfest took place this week.

“Everyday at STEP we try to have some kind of art-related activities that include music performances and dance performances,” said Artsfest Coordinator Elizabeth Levenson.

This year some of the activities held at STEP included button making, caricatures, art exhibits and displays, and a special interactive tapestry project.

“My favorite part of Artsfest is participating in the lunchtime activities and seeing everybody involved and enjoying what we are doing at lunchtime on those days,” said art teacher Alia Hasan.

DC-CAP winner Jillian Upshaw, a freshman, performed along with Wilson’s drumline on Monday, April 29 at STEP. “I [was] excited for our performances,” said Upshaw. “Spring is a time when we usually get lots of calls for gigs.”

For the first time at Artsfest, there was also an awards ceremony which took place on Thursday, May 2, in celebration of students’ artistic achievements. “Mostly seniors who have done great things in art, music, and theater, and also in the HAM academy [received] awards on that evening,” explained Levenson. The ceremony was designed to be similar to the Oscars, even including a red carpet and a photo backdrop for people to take photos, along with a reception afterwards.

“One thing I would like for people to take away from Artsfest is the freedom of expression that exists here, and knowing that there is an opportunity to express yourself at an event and that people will be appreciative of it,“ said music teacher Paul Phifer.