Album Review: Legends Never Die


Francesca Purificato

Rating: 8/10

Juice Wrld’s posthumous album “Legends Never Die” was a big hit. It runs at a fairly large number of 22 tracks and was released on July 10 this year. The emo rap album as a whole was very melodic with a great use of drums, bass, and electric guitar. A lot of the songs had a quite similar dynamic and while the songs may have been upbeat, the lyrics were quite dark.

The whole album had a common theme about how Juice had struggles that he was trying to overcome. He starts the album with a song titled “Anxiety – Intro,” an inspirational message about how even though he has wealth and luxury, there are still many issues like anxiety and substance abuse that need to be resolved. This is relayed in a lot of his songs—in “Hate the Other Side” he sings. “I got pain in my heart…money on my mind.” He also mentions in various songs how he was fighting with his internal demons and devils, as well as depicting how he used drugs to ease his pain. Juice and his producers managed to incorporate these multi-layered lyrics into an energetic beat and fast rhythm in his two collaborations with DJ Marshmello. Overall, I found that the songs were a little repetitive in terms of the flow pattern and its use of instrumentals, but the message he conveyed through his lyrics were certainly direct and impactful.