Tiger Cubs: Murch Elementary

Charlotte Guy

As elementary schoolers, many students were detached from the idea of high school. Cinematic portrayals painted a picture of superficial cliques, alluring drama, and occasional outbursts of song. In a effort to relive our past innocence, I headed down the block to Murch Elementary School to interview some future Tigers and explore their assumptions about high school.


Q1: What do you think high school is going to be like?


M: Just straight up BORING, but I know Wilson has a pool.


K: Weird and big.


N: High School Musical but less singing.


Q2: What do you think the worst thing about Wilson is going to be?


M: The plays.


K: Not having recess and walking around.


N: All the fighting and the people.


Q3: What is the worst thing kids are going to do in class?


M: Chew gum and then put it under the desk.


K: Well I know when I get beat up at elementary school it hurts, but I think when I leave for high school it’s going to be way worse.


N: Talk.


Q4: What are you most excited about for high school?


M: The parties and the pool.


K: Seeing how much homework I get.


N: Well after I’m done with high school I’m done with school all together so that.


Q5: What do you think high schoolers are like?/ If you know any high schoolers now what are they like?


M: I think they’re all just really old.


K: They’re like grown ups.


N: Really big and mean. They also curse all the time.