Harper Dunn

In the beginning,

Parched grass transitioned into a vibrant spread,

Sunbeams glistening on our warm shoulders,

Whimsically gliding through the carnival of life,


But inside the rain was gushing,

Seeping through every crevice of our bodies


Unprecedented, apparently

“It was so unexpected”

They said things would get better,

Soon enough


But when?

We stood in line all night at the ferris wheel,

Our hearts beating, waiting to race with thrill,

For that one moment of relief, of glory


But they said it wasn’t our turn,

Life is never our turn,



Live in the moment, please

Make the most while you’re still young,

Still able to have a happy life,

Because no else is happy 


The shadow, looming above our heads

Enters our scalps and sucks up

All the opportunity for any spontaneity 


So we sit in boxes,

Cages of glass just fearing the next day,

The next moment, second, it’s exhausting


And there are distractions,

To grip our brittle fingers and yank us 

Away from the reality,

But those are just another version,

Of the darkness


So I have realized,

After nights alone in the glass cage, pondering

That the trap is not just the walls of the city,

It is deep inside of our souls,

The shadow, looming

Ready to snatch us away.