Sabrina’s guide to 2021

Sabrina Bergeron

As most things about the next year seem uncertain, a little guidance about what to keep in mind and have accessible for 2021 is a must. I have curated a list of 10 things that I believe to be necessary in preparing and tackling what 2021 will bring. I hope you enjoy it!

Quick guide to 2021: 

  1. Patience: Pack a hefty amount because before our lives return to “normal,” there’s going to be a lot of waiting.
  2. Comfortable clothing: Working from home isn’t going away just yet. Make the most of it and dress yourself.
  3. Metal straw: No more plastic in our 2021 oceans!
  4. An exercise routine: Boost those serotonin levels! Proven to improve your mood and mental health, regular exercise is the way to go. 
  5. On-the-go protest pack: Shoes, posters, sunscreen, and a water bottle.
  6. A good book: Escape your realities in the most nurturing way possible to your mind, because who knows when things will get better.
  7. Deep breathing: Who says I’m pessimistic? Sometimes the most simple action of breathing deeply can help you to calm whatever unease you’re feeling inside.
  8. Get ready: School is set to reopen in February; stay as healthy as possible, wash your hands and pack those face masks.
  9. Strength: As we go back into the building, we’re going to need to build up our stamina to lug our textbook-full backpacks across the hallways.
  10. Wilson Name Change: Something that has been in the works for what feels like forever, but 2021 will be the year!