Fashion in the halls: Autumnal Accessories


All photos courtesy of Camelia Terraza

Camelia Terraza

Flannel, heeled boots, and your dad’s Patagonia sweatshirt? You guessed it, fall has arrived at Wilson. As the cold sets in, it’s hard to let go of your favorite summer pieces in exchange for your forgotten wardrobe of 2018; I shed a small tear when I pulled out my itchy heavy sweaters and discovered my thick corduroys no longer fit. It’s easy to fall victim to this summer nostalgia, but have no fear, Wilson inspiration is here! 

Statement Necklaces

Sometimes, fall wardrobes can begin to lump into a vision of beiges, greens, and browns, and while they may match the colors of changing leaves on the two trees in the atrium, they can be hard to get excited about at 7.00 a.m. Statement necklaces, such as the ones below, are an easy fix to otherwise simple outfits.

Vibrant Hair

From reddish-brown to neon green, the Wilson hallways are colorful as ever with the growing trend of dyed hair. Make a striking change to your ensemble with a trip to the hair salon (or CVS) that will leave you as classy or flamboyant as you so desire.


Eye-catching Details

Like nutmeg in pumpkin pie, small, colorful accessories can add something special to an outfit. Spice up your old fits with embellishments that are unique and contrast your clothes; a funky nail color or your mom’s sparkly earrings might just do the trick. 


Layering is without a doubt the secret to fall fashion: a way to stay warm and look ab fab. Ensembles can range from denim on denim, vests and button downs, Molly Ringwald style double t-shirts, and oversized t-shirts on top of turtlenecks and sweatshirts. When in doubt, layer!