The best backgrounds…that aren’t your LED lights

Hadley Carr

Does your bedroom look like a tornado hit it? Followed by a nerf gun war? Invaded by snacks and enemy wrappers left lying on the battlefield? Like it’s been flipped upside down and inside out? Folded in half so it creases, then folded again 28.72 times to make a fortune teller? (If not, I highly recommend it. My room can now tell fortunes.) If you are hip to the game of fortune-telling rooms, I must immediately recommend the use of virtual backgrounds as such a top-secret arrangement cannot be disclosed to the general public.

Lucky for you, I’ve selected the best of the best, the creme de la creme de backgrounds virtual. Without further ado, I present the best crop of backgrounds from Advisory one, or as I like to call it, eye-torture-while-working-up-the-energy-to-virtually-raise-your-hand. 

Let’s start off simple with the Purple and Blue Galaxy Background. This star-studded galaxy will let everyone know that you’re out of this world. 

Of course, if you’re not into science and don’t want to be a star, there’s always the 

Rockin’ Green Flower Minecraft Background. I know you played Minecraft back in the sweet days of 2015. Why not rejoice in the serenity of this peaceful pixelated forest while panting profusely in your PE workout?

If those are too edgy for you, let me offer you the simplicity of this next background, the Cartoon Classroom. Cute and classy like never before, you’ll certainly gain teacher points for going to school, even if it’s animated. 

And for those who are always late, I offer you the Wilson Security Line Background. Unfortunately, you can’t blame your tardiness on the ever-malfunctioning metal detectors of the “before times.” But fear not, pop a pic of the scene behind you to show your teachers where you are mentally.

Highly used and highly recommended from Advistory one is also the Spooky Spooky Scary Time Halloween background. Halloween was so sad this year that I didn’t carve my pumpkins. They sat on my stoop lacking any emotion, let alone a face—just your regular ol’ pumpkin (at least the evil squirrels can’t devour it!). So please, lighten the mood with some virtual jack-o-lanterns to rejoice in some belated holiday cheer.

This last one is timeless (unless, of course, you age): Your Face. We know what everyone really wants to see is you and what better way to do that then making it your background? Sure, they’re already seeing your face with your camera on, but that just doesn’t do you justice. Give the people what they want with your best selfie as your background. The pose is certainly up to you, but here are my favorites: a close up or a nice back-of-the-head photo that screams, “talk to the head.”

Staring at yourself in the corner of the screen is exhausting, but virtual backgrounds are a surefire solution. Nervous? Scared of embarrassment? Here’s a quick summary: use a background because your LED lights don’t cut it. But whatever you choose to do with your background, just don’t blur it. Doubtful? Don’t worry, you can trust me. My room predicted it.