Copier problems persist, frustrating staff members

Zoe Friedman

Teachers and staff are frustrated with copying and printing issues, which range from lack of toner to break downs from overuse. 

“This is a continuous problem; we have 177 staff members who use nine machines throughout the building, so the constant use of the machines can potentially, over time, wear the machine down,” Director of Strategy and Logistics Brandon Hall said. “Different parts of the copiers are breaking, and there’s a lot of jams in the paper trays.”

The lack of working copiers has affected many teachers. “There’s a lot of inconsistencies with them. Sometimes they’re out of toner or constantly jammed or require general maintenance, so you never know which copy machine is working and which to go to,” science teacher Hallie Eichen said. “It’s resulted in [a] rush for class.”

The printer in the library has also experienced problems, especially due to overuse. “This machine is small, so it can’t handle the capacity that people are putting it through,” librarian Pamela Gardner said. “This is the third time in two years that it’s been broken down to the point where parts have to be ordered. When this copier goes down, students can’t copy.”

Wilson administration is working to address the copier issues. Hall sends a weekly report to let staff members know which copiers are functioning. “There have been some complaints. We try to litigate each issue as fast as we can, but sometimes they come faster than we can keep up, so we’re working on that,” Hall said.

Staff have noticed these efforts to improve communication about the copiers. “We do get reports to let us know which copiers go down every week and we’re told when the service people come and what their reports are,” Gardner said. 

“We just got an email yesterday on the 28th [of October] that said they were addressing the copy machine issues and that with the exception of two most would be working and they replaced the toner,” Eichen said.