Stop complaining about no snow days

Graphic by Max Wix

Graphic by Max Wix

Sophia Hosford

When there’s even the slightest chance of snow, our excitement as students can’t be contained. But when we wake up the next day to white rooftops and icy streets, we are all well aware that it’s unlikely that DCPS will cancel or delay school. We shouldn’t complain about our lack of snow days, especially since a large population of students rely on school-sponsored activities and meals. 

A couple of centimeters of snow should not constitute a snow day—we all know that that’s unnecessary, wishful thinking. We shouldn’t complain about coming to school on a snowy day when it’s a privilege that no matter what the weather is, there is a place for us to go. What many students fail to realize is that for some, Wilson is the safest place in severe weather. 

DCPS deems snow days as harmful to the routines and lives of students who rely on school-regulated activities and meals. They are not in favor of cancellations and delays, the safety of students is their top priority. School is a safe haven for many students and provides a place to take part in activities, and snow days take away from instructional time and deprive students of after school activities, many of which give them a safe place and a controlled environment to enjoy themselves.

It’s clear that DCPS takes snow day decisions seriously, and we shouldn’t relentlessly criticize them, as we as a student body tend to. Though we may not always agree with DCPS’s rationale, we must keep in mind that their responsibility is to protect students, not to satisfy the dream of a snow day. We shouldn’t complain about snow days when there are clear beneficial reasons why DCPS is hesitant to close school. •