Sophia’s playlist exchange

Sophia Hosford and Sophia Ibrahim

We were sitting in Mr. Besser’s AP Human Geography class, listening to our class playlist. While listening to the curated tunes,  an idea came to both of our minds: what if we make a playlist for each other? After class, we each began working on a twenty song playlist for the other Sophia. 


Sophia Hosford’s 20 song playlist for Sophia Ibrahim:


  1. Alison by Slowdive
  2. Rock the Casbah by The Clash
  3. Inside Out by The Mighty Lemon Drops
  4. The Funeral Party by The Cure
  5. Temperature’s Rising by Galaxie 500
  6. Asleep by The Smiths
  7. The Funeral by Band of Horses
  8. Darklands by the Jesus and Mary Chain
  9. Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  10. Love in the Time of Socialism by Yellow House
  11. Pink Rabbits by The National
  12. The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen
  13. Lithium by Nirvana
  14. Let’s Go by The Cars
  15. This Is The Day by The The
  16. Evil by Interpol
  17. Sober to Death by Car Seat Headrest
  18. Symphonia IX by Current Joys
  19. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by The Ramones
  20. The Drugs Don’t Work by The Verve


Sophia Ibrahim’s reaction:

After finishing this playlist, I notice my inflamed sinuses are even more apparent. I have a minor headache, and my heartbeat has been steady for the past hour. A “realist” could come to the conclusion that this is due to my allergies, but I, an optimist, am assuming it’s because the steady and low-key beat allowed me to increase my general mindfulness ;p. Side note, I did finish a plethora of History work and a unit test (honorable shoutout to Mr. Heckler :D) that I definitely wouldn’t have finished that quickly if I were listening to my music. Although I wouldn’t have picked up these songs if it weren’t for this challenge, I can confidently say that  If you’re looking for consistency and in-the-zone (but not hype) music, this is the playlist for you.

Favorite song: Rock the Casbah

Least favorite song: The Killing Moon


Sophia Ibrahim’s 20 song playlist for Sophia Hosford:


  1. Diinleeya by Dayax Dalnuurshe
  2. Salsal by Xariir Axmed 
  3. Koko by Lil Baliil, KING CK
  4. Kontrol by Maleek Berry 
  5. Taageero Makaa Helaa by Amina Afrik, Awale Adan
  6. Dhambaal by Ahmed Rasta 
  7. Roses by SAINt JHN
  8. 3 Below by SAINt JHN
  9. White Parents Are Gonna Hate This by SAINt JHN
  10. 94 Bentley by SAINt JHN
  11. On the Low by Burna Boy
  12. Omo by Burna Boy
  13. Kemba Walker by Eladio Carrion, Bad Bunny
  14. Te Quiero by Maluma
  15. Loco by Anitta 
  16. Cielo a un Diablo by Maluma
  17. Vete Pal Carajo by Yan Block, Jay Wheeler, DJ Nelson
  18. Tussi by Arcangel, Justin Quiles, Eladio Carrion, De La Ghetto
  19. Mi Niña by Wisin, Myke Towers, Los Legendarios 
  20. Hawai by Maluma


Sophia Hosford’s reaction:

I’d never heard a single song on this playlist before and was surprised by its energetic and upbeat nature. I usually listen to new wave, indie, rock, and alternative music, so these  were unfamiliar to me. Suffice to say, the playlist introduced me to a myriad of  genres that I’d never listened to. Ranging from rap to Spanish and Somali pop, the songs weren’t necessarily my taste, but I enjoyed expanding my horizons through this playlist. If you’re looking for energetic pop music, this is the playlist for you.

Favorite song: 94 Bentley by SAINt JHN

Least favorite song: Diinleeya by Dayax Dalnuurshe