All Things Go music festival returns to DMV

Isabelle Pala

DC’s annual music festival, All Things Go, was hosted at Merriweather Post Pavilion on October 16. 

In past years, the festival took place at Union Market, but this venue allowed for more space and less crowding. In addition to the Pavilion stage, where most of Merriweather’s concerts take place, a separate stage was tucked away on the other side, allowing multiple performers at once. 

The festival began at noon, with smaller artists performing first. The audiences for many early artists lacked energy, but there was always a group in the front trying to bring the hype, even if they did not know the songs. Eventually, more people showed up, and the festival gained traction. 

Of the sets during the day, ROLE MODEL and Girl in Red’s performances stood out. The audience for ROLE MODEL knew the lyrics to almost all his songs and he wasn’t afraid to get up close and personal with his fans. Bonus points for his set because it started pouring rain in the middle of it and the audience remained unfazed. 

Girl in Red was similar in that she was super energetic and excited to be performing. Senior Eleanor Gallay recalled that “at the end she told everyone to step back and leave a gap in the crowd and then she jumped in the middle of the mosh pit while still singing which was super unexpected and awesome.”

However, the fun really began once the sun set. Charli XCX’s set was one of the most wild of the night, with intense mosh pits raging to her upbeat hyper-pop songs. Sophomore Frances Leibovich especially enjoyed the HAIM set. “They were the last performers so the group I was with was already very tired so we just sat back and it was kind of magical in itself since HAIM is definitely one of my favorite bands and you could see them from anywhere because of the big screens.” 

The festival was definitely a success, so make sure to get your tickets to All Things Go next year.