BSU coordinates BHM celebration

Elie Salem and Nate Belman

Wilson administration and the Black Student Union (BSU) independently created a series of Black history activities, filling every school day in the month.

Assistant Principal Gregory Bargeman kicked off the first day of February by reading the Black national anthem on the loudspeakers. He continued to read poems by Black authors on the announcements throughout the first week.

In total, 16 separate events were organized, including a visit by Black TV Anchor Bruce Johnson in the media center and a Black southern food celebration in the atrium. The events were accompanied by Bargeman playing a genre of music important to Black history—jazz, R&B, and go-go—in the atrium everyday at STEP.

The Black Student Union added to the festivities by sponsoring a Black History Month event each Thursday. On February 7, the organization celebrated historically Black forms of dance in the atrium, on the 14th, they hosted a Black love Valentine’s Day party, on the 21st, they sponsored an HBCU (Historic Black Colleges and Universities) door-decorating contest, and on the 27th, they led a favorite Black artist appreciation party. Black Student Union also worked with Wilson administration to create an “I Have a Dream Wall” in the atrium, where students can write a wish they have for the future.

“We’re trying to make it more fun and interactive [than last year],” said Skye Irving, one of the leaders of the Black Student Union.

Bargeman said that the goal of the events was to give the accomplishments of Black Americans the same attention as other parts of American history. “We just want to share with everybody that to be African American is the same thing as being an American, and make sure that all culture in America is recognized,” he said.