100 word teacher appreciations

Sophia Hosford, Julia Weinrod, and Sadie Wyatt

Mr. Singer Appreciation

Julia Weinrod

Helping students learn and keeping them engaged is not easy when you can’t even see half of them. However, math teacher Jeremy Singer has been going above and beyond for my AP Economics class in a way that is hard to sum up in 100 words. First, he offers office hours on three days during a time when many teachers are barely reachable on Wednesdays. Second, he is always willing to help you, no matter who you are or how many tests you have failed. Finally, he holds himself accountable for grading our work quickly––and he actually leaves feedback on homework! Shoutout to Mr. Singer and all the other teachers who are working really hard to face this year’s challenges.


Ms. Postler Appreciation

Sophia Hosford

In a digital world filled with technical difficulties, frustration, and confusion, English teacher Jenna Postler has been extremely successful. Though the Teams platform can stymie the flow of discussions and presentations, Postler has facilitated interactive and engaging lessons in light of the challenges presented by the virtual environment. In addition to easing the transition into AP Lang, Postler has created a welcoming space in which students feel comfortable and supported, even through a screen. Postler has also made the usage of complicated Teams features such as OneNote Class Notebook much simpler, all with a smile, everyday. In an uncertain time, it’s comforting to have a teacher like Postler.


Ms. Everett Appreciation

Sadie Wyatt

To me, teaching an AP class online seems just as difficult as taking one. Amongst the dark screens, awkward silences, and stressed out students, AP US Government teacher Natasha Everett has flooded the classroom every day with infectious positivity. While class arguments may sometimes get heated, she reminds us of the importance of hearing others opinions and connects it back to US history. Having the class early in the morning, Ms. Everett’s bright smile and optimistic attitude wakes me up and gets me ready to learn every day!