My mother’s fight for $40: the story of Latina determination

Vanessa Ramon

My biggest inspiration growing up were the hard-working Latina women around me. 

I am motivated every day by my undocumented mother who first moved to the U.S when she was only 19. I am inspired by her determination to provide me with the resources that have shaped me into the person I am today. 

She would stand on corners and sell homemade tamales and arepas to only make about $40 a day. She, like other brave Latina women, came to this country for a better life for herself and her family. 

My mother has always been a fighter, when she was disconnected from her family she did everything in her power to see us again. She crossed the border and was held in a detention center for six months. She fights for everything she believes in and does it while still fearing deportation. She is the reason why I am a fighter and an advocate for what is right. She is not a celebrity, but she is by far the most influential person in my life.