El Torogoz offering quick and authentic meals since 2000

JJ Najera

If you’re looking for classic Mexican fare near Georgia Avenue, El Torogoz is arguably the best option for a quick and tasty meal. 

The restaurant itself has had great fame since its opening back in 2000. Owner David Ventura opened the restaurant as a place for the Latinx community to feel welcomed in DC, but also to serve those who love Mexican/Salvadoran food.. 

One of their signature dishes is the “pollo a la brasa.” The chicken is made fresh daily, seasoned with cumin, pepper, and other spices. Along with the chicken, my personal favorite is their famous pupusas. These thick tortillas are stuffed with cheese, beans, and pork. They are usually sold for two dollars a portion (two), but are well-worth the money if you’re looking for a quick meal. 

My most recent visit was great, like always. The service is top notch, and the food is inexplicably good. This time, I decided to go with the carne asada, a grilled meat dish. Along with the grilled meat, I also got an horchata (milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla drink) to cool my pallete down from the heat. As I sat outside the restaurant—where the tables are separated by at least six feet—I found the meat juicy and tender, and my drink refreshing. Overall my experience this time was a nine out of 10; everything was great, but the weather outside was a downside. 

El Torogoz is the place to go for tasty Mexican and Salvadoran food. Between the delicious, authentic cuisines and their high-quality outdoor dining experience, there’s no chance you wouldn’t enjoy what El Torogoz has to offer.