Lillie and Josh Q&A

Charlotte Guy

Sixth-grade sweethearts Josh Solomon and Lillie Frankel have stood the test of time. The two Wilson juniors started dating in 2019 and ever since then have been infatuated with one another. Unlike many, this charming couple has only grown closer through quarantine. Keep reading to find out how. 

Q: When and how did you meet? 

Josh: We met in sixth grade in Mr. Spencer’s English class. So we have known each other for six years.

Lillie: Yeah, so sixth grade. Um, and we actually had a crush on each other. And Josh doesn’t believe me that I did, but I actually did. I had a crush on him and Jack Cohen. I had a crush on both of them.

Q: When did you start dating? 

Josh: 2019.

Lillie: In November 2019.

Q: When did you first say you loved your partner and what made you realize you were ready to say it? 

Josh: It was on New Year’s that I said I loved her. And whenever we would be together, it would make my days better. If I was ever having a bad day and I saw Lillie it would just make my days better.

Lillie: Josh said it first. It was on New Year’s, New Year’s at a party. I realized I loved him when we’d spend every day together and I wasn’t tired of him.

Q: How has the pandemic affected your relationship? 

Josh: It’s brought us closer together because we haven’t had as much to do so we’ve been able to hang out like every day.

Lillie: I think it’s brought us closer because we’ve gotten to hang out every day and it also brought us closer to each other’s family. And we’ve been able to go on vacations and stuff together. So we’ve really been able to see each other in different lights than we did before.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories together?

Josh: One of my favorite moments was on our six-month anniversary when we went to Rock Creek Park and set up a hammock and just relaxed there and talked for hours.

Lillie: I think one of my favorite memories with him was pretty much every vacation we’ve been on together, but I think especially the one when I went to Charlotte with him and we visited his grandparents. It was just so cute to see how he is with his whole family and it was really fun and his whole family is nice.

Q: What was your first date? 

Josh: Our first date we went to Whole Foods and just sat and talked for a while. It was really fun and nice and special.

Lillie: Technically our first date was just us sitting at Whole Foods. We just talked and it was really fun and it wasn’t awkward at all. •