Willa and Wyatt Q&A

Charlotte Guy

What do you do when your girlfriend doesn’t like to facetime but you’re living through a global pandemic? Easy answer: you convince your mom to practically move in together and go on road trips to Pennsylvania. Well, that’s what Wilson seniors Willa Hance and Wyatt McCrary did. Continue reading for the juicy details. 

Q: When and how did you meet? 

Wyatt: We met in health class sophomore year. So in like 2018 August, end of August/September when the school year started 

Willa: We met the beginning of both of our sophomore year in health class.

Q: When did you start dating? 

Wyatt: We started dating on June 28th, 2019 

Willa: June 28, 2019 

Q: When did you first say you loved your partner and what made you realize you were ready to say it? 

Wyatt: So I don’t remember specifically when I first said I love you, but I had already loved her as a friend…but it definitely grew to a different meaning and it was more like in love…but I don’t know, just overtime naturally, our relationship developed.

Willa: We were really good friends for a few months before we started dating so we definitely said that we loved each other before that. But then I’d say, like, a couple months into it, we said that we were in love with each other…I don’t know if I can really describe the feeling we just both really knew like it just made sense

Q: How has the pandemic affected your relationship? 

Wyatt: The pandemic initially made our relationship really difficult just not being able to see each other every day and be there for your person. But eventually, things got better and my parents allowed me to see one person and that person was her. What we ended up doing is we kind of just ended up moving in together in a way and seeing each other a lot more often.

Willa: It was hard for a while until our family started feeling comfortable with us seeing each other a little bit more. With friends, you can kind of see each other distantly and still do the same things, but with a partner, like physical touch and intimacy is so important for most relationships, and you don’t really get that when you have to stay 6 feet away from someone. 

Q: What is one of your favorite memories together?

Wyatt: One of my favorite moments is just road tripping together. We both just love driving and running back and forth from the lake house in Pennsylvania is always fun. Also just anything outdoors together. I love that. We do picnic dates just ordering takeout and eating outside on a blanket. What gays don’t, you know? 

Willa: I’m not sure if I can pinpoint one favorite memory but just anytime we get to travel together is so much fun like we’ve been to New York and Charleston and like a lake house. That kind of stuff is always really fun. 

Q: What was your first date? 

Wyatt: Our first official date we went to see a theater show and got dinner before at a place called Cheesetique in Alexandria, and it was a great show…I’m vegetarian but I accidentally ate nonvegetarian food by accident which was fun, so, my stomach wasn’t the best during the show, but otherwise great day. 

Willa: I think our first official day was going to Cheesetique then seeing a musical at my mom’s theater. •