A series of spring outfits



My style is… Haphazard, Colorful, and Yay

My staple item is… My dad’s Dickies work pants

Many of Ava’s clothes are either re-purposed or thrifted. She’s really seemed to corner the market on sustainable fashion. Not only does she rock her dad’s work pants day to day, she also makes new shirts from spare fabric and t-shirts she finds when people are giving them away. In the spring and summer Ava generally wears flowery dresses. Her style is undeniably unique and down to earth.



My style is… Retro, Colorful, and Comfortable

My staple item is… Barrettes

VV gets a lot of her clothes from thrift stores and Depop. Her style inspiration is skateboarder Brighton Zeuner. She actually got the purple tank top from Brighton’s Depop! VV’s style changes from day to day, but one thing stays the same: her outfit is always color coordinated. Take the picture from day four: VV is red and purple from her barrettes all the way down to her socks and shoes. With her cute and quirky style, she’s hard to miss!