How to get through the rest of the year

Harper Dunn

With distance learning and so much chaos regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the end of the school year may seem light years away. So instead of spending your time being sad and bored waiting for school to end, you should use these tips to have a good time before June. These can all be done at home, so no excuses! Get ready to get through the year with these fun tips:

1. Stop procrastinating! I know you’ve heard it a million times, and it probably won’t stick with you this time, but next assignment you have, try breaking it into smaller chunks over a longer period. It may be helpful to write out a schedule with the exact amount of work you need to do. Trust me, not staying up until 4 a.m. to do a project that was assigned a month ago will make you a lot happier in the long-run.

2. Go outside! Spring is here, and that means beautiful DC weather. Going outside is sure to get the gloomy school year off your mind. Plus, it is proven that just being outside makes you generally happier and even improves your memory.

3. Find a new hobby. This is something you probably haven’t done in a while, so why don’t you watch some YouTube tutorial videos and try something new! Ideas: Knitting, origami, roller skating, or coding.

4. Bake with your EasyBake oven. EasyBake ovens are amazing things to guide you in your entryway to baking. If you threw yours out a while back, you can buy one on eBay, but if you still have your wonderful kitchen innovation, even better! So get to those recipes and you’ll be on your way to “The Great British Baking Show” in no time.

5. Play pretend school. This one is for when school is still closed. Remember when you used to play school when you were a kid? Even if you didn’t, it is truly a super fun thing to do. All of the wonders of school with none of the work. So get your siblings and your backpacks and decide who’s going to be teacher first.