How to get involved with the election (if you can’t vote)

Sophia Hosford

In a pivotal election year, the inability to vote is incredibly frustrating. However, there are a myriad of resources available that allow high school students to take part in the process and support the candidate of their choice. 

Drive US To The Polls via Mobilize America 

For The People is asking volunteers from all 50 states and DC to help provide rides to the polls for those who don’t have other means of transportation. Tuesday, November 3 from 5am–11:45pm


Register to be a Poll Worker

Through the DC Board of Elections, students can register to become Poll Workers for the 2020 election. Though DCBOE is receiving hundreds of student applicants and you may not be selected, registering to play an integral role in the election is a great way to get involved. In order to be considered, students must be at least 16 years of age on election day, obtain permission from a guardian and school administrator, collect school work they miss, attend a training session, and select a shift and compensation option. In terms of shifts, students may elect to work a morning, afternoon, or half day shift. A morning shift lasts from 7 am to 3 pm and students can choose to be compensated monetarily with $125 or they can receive eight community service hours. Alternatively, students can elect to earn four service hours and $65. The afternoon shift, 11 am to 7 pm has the same compensation set up. Lastly, students can choose to work a half day. The half day slot begins at 4 pm and concludes at 8 pm. In terms of benefits, students can receive $65 or four service hours.


“Text Out The Vote” for the Democrats

Sign up to text bank for Democrats. This is an ongoing event in which you register and take part in a training session and afterwards text voters and speak on behalf of your candidate. 


DC Unite for Progress (DC UP) phone bank for Susan Wild and Biden/Harris via the Democrats

DC United for Progress has set up events in which you can register to phone bank for Susan Wild of Pennsylvania as well as the Biden/Harris campaign. Phone banking is a process in which you call voters. Similarly to “Text Out The Vote,” you get the opportunity to connect with voters. For more on Wild, a democratic member of the House of Representatives, click the link below.

Sunday, October 25th from 6:30-8:00pm


2020 Victory Spanish Calls Program “Llamando Contigo” via the Democrats

Speak with voters across the country in both English and Spanish. Another iteration of phone banking but through this program, you are able to connect with both Spanish and English-speaking voters.

Make sure that family and friends are prepared to vote

The best way to get involved if you can’t vote yet is holding friends and family members accountable. Ensure that everyone you know who is eligible to vote has a voting plan. You can check the status of your registration or begin your registration process at