We need snow days, even at home

Natalie Gordon and Hannah Lahey

We need snow days this year because nowadays it seems as though there isn’t much to be happy about. From the news of the pandemic to the piles of homework assigned, happiness is rare. But when you can look outside on a winter morning and everything is covered in a soft white blanket, a smile comes, almost involuntarily, and it doesn’t stop until your head hits the pillow and you are reminded of the special day you’ve had. 

Snow days are better than ever because of the pandemic. Staring at the same screen the whole day, everyday, four days a week, can be boring. Snow days give you a change of scenery. Lawns, roads, and roofs covered in white fluffy powder; air filled with falling flakes. It’s almost majestic. And, it gets us out of our quarantine routine. With limited options, we often go through the week doing the same thing every day: eat, school, sleep, and repeat. A snow day breaks that routine, and is refreshing and much needed. 

Although we are not technically in the classroom, we should most definitely still get snow days. Snow days are a chance to give students and teachers a push to get to the spring semester. Now that transportation to and from school is no longer necessary, getting a day off because of extreme weather patterns has been deemed “unnecessary” by some. But a break from the stress of schoolwork and class is so important for both teachers and students. With almost no days off and the pressure of testing and classwork looming, this time of year is easily the most strenuous. The unexpected day off can relieve students of their responsibilities, even for a day, and allow them to just be teenagers and have fun. Plus, the benefits of snow days bleed into the days after the break. The rest day can give students a new energy that they can carry with them for days after. 

During the pandemic, there are few traditions from the past we can keep the same. Snow days are times for making memories, baking cookies, and sledding with friends. If students can find safe ways to enjoy snow day traditions, they should be given the opportunity to do so.