Battle of the sections

There are eight sections of The Beacon, including visuals, that the average reader diligently scans through as they peruse the paper—and never throw on the atrium floor. For those who ask “ok… but which is the best?” We finally have an answer, or, at least, a contest.


Do we even really need to write this? News is easily the best section. The other sections may entertain you, but do they inform you? News, by doing both, gives you the best of both worlds—and what more could you ask for?

We also happen to be the most exciting section. From funding cuts to homecoming debauchery, we cover it all. When you first lay eyes on a fresh Beacon, what do you see first? Us, the most relevant section. This should be evidence enough that news reigns supreme. 

Sure, the other sections can be fun. But be honest with us for a second—you only actually read them to give yourself a break from the intensity and exhilaration that defines the news section, right? 

We would like to leave you with this final thought, a quote that, over time, every sage has uttered: “There is no newspaper without news.” •


Well, considering these are all in the Opinions section, this is a bit unnecessary. But, if you need clarification on which section is the best, it’s obviously Opinions. First of all, it is run by the iconic, hilarious, kind, not to mention modest, dynamic duo (Shirah Lister and Sarah Morgan) who have over time merged into one person (Sharah Lorgan). No other section is vibing like this. No. Other. Section. In addition, no other section has 100-word rants, where you can complain or praise anything you want to, without actually having to say anything meaningful! How amazing is that? No other section is completely based on your completely biased opinion, has the Top Ten inside it, and includes the lovely satires every month. There’s no section like us, we are the best—and we can say that, because this is the Opinions section. (Take that, News). •


Features are memorable stories with inventive styles and engaging subject matter. A form of soft news, Features is basically News that’s worth reading past the headline. Features leaves large room for creativity, but it still requires a relevant basis in the truth, unlike the childish whining of Opinions. On The Beacon, Features exposes hidden wonders about Wilson through compelling profiles and gritty investigations. While Sports and Style cover such insignificantly small ranges of topics, Features encompasses the broad scope of the community. With a little bit of everything, Features is the ideal section that all others aspire to be. There’s a reason why Spread is often sandwiched between us, desperately trying to fit in. •


Let’s be real. When you open the paper what section do you turn to? Spread. You’ve got everything you’re looking for sitting in a single centerfold. The Spread is that nice open reading plane you turn to for all your Beacon satisfaction to be met. Graphics? Got those. News? Got that too. Opinions? Features? Style? You’ve got it! You can never get bored of Spread because of its unique theme every month. Sure, if you want to read the same old thing about budget cuts or how we have a new turf, go ahead and flip to those boring sections such as News or Features! But if you want some top of the line journalism, you know where to go.•


Hola, Chau! Both are words commonly heard here at Wilson, but have you ever wondered what lies beyond these words? Well then the Spanish section is the place for you! Not only does it bring you the latest news from a latent community in our school, but it also incorporates all aspects of every section—Opinions? News? Features? Style? You want it, we got it. It is a space that integrates our diverse school community and allows you to expand your own Spanish language abilities as well as your knowledge on the many cultures here at Wilson.  The Spanish section is easily the best one, so this Beacon Day, don’t forget to take a look! •


You’re sitting in a packed, rowdy crowd, covering the biggest game of the year and Bam! The big, unexpected play happens. The play that just made up your entire story. That is what’s so great about sports. Its unpredictability is something that you can’t see outside of the sports world, which translates right to our section. With the majority of the action going on right in front of you, your story develops as the game does. Wilson has over 20 teams to cover, so there’s always going to be a compelling story somewhere. Whether it’s a big game or crucial controversy, our section covers it all, making it The Beacon’s most engaging content. •


The style section is The Beacon’s hidden gem. Not only are we fashion, music, food, and art, but we are news, opinions, and features all wrapped into one—just cooler. Passionate about a movie or album? Step right up. Our topics, like music and art, are modes of self-expression, and writing about them allows students to share their ideas and opinions. Want to write about unique events not only at Wilson, but in all of DC? Ultimately, we are the most relatable—everyone eats food and listens to music. DC is an extremely culturally-rich and exciting city that Wilson students contribute to through owning fashion businesses, performing in bands, and writing style articles. •


tHe BEacOn WitHoUt VisUaLs Is jUSt a bOOk. •