How COVID-19 helped me grow

Sophia Ibrahim

Before COVID-19, I was pretty much always happy-go-lucky. Being an academic overachiever and stuffed to the brim with extracurriculars allowed me to keep my emotions at a surface level and not dwell on negativity. This pandemic has changed all of that.

I, like many Wilson students, have had more than my fair share of home issues that have been magnified by keeping close quarters. They have been compounded with the mental stressors of distance learning and the pandemic overall. These past 10 months have been exhausting, saddening, and trying. They have also been eye-opening.

No longer being able to “avoid” my complex family dynamic, I was, to say the least, overwhelmed.

Why didn’t I recognize all of this before?

Am I seriously only opening my eyes to this now?

Over the last 10 months, I have been forced to reflect and be honest with myself. ith the help of my grade’s social worker, I’ve been able to develop coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with my past and present traumas as well as become a more emotionally intelligent individual. I’m working to establish a sense of self-worth that isn’t dependent upon the number of extracurriculars I have, nor my GPA. I’m reminding myself that I cannot solve every problem of those around me and slowly becoming okay with that.

Because I have not been affected directly by coronavirus, this time has been one of growth, albeit necessary. I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on anything, as I’m only a sophomore. I am comforted by the fact that I will most likely be on campus again before my time at Wilson comes to a close. I’ve been blessed to be a part of great organizations that provide both structure and intellectual stimulation.

The development I’ve been experiencing is absolutely imperative to my overall well being as an individual and as a friend. Knowing that I have and am still obtaining more methods to help myself and my friends become capable, mindful, and at-peace is pretty incredible, and I have COVID-19 to thank for it. 

 Going through change and developing as a person is never an easy process, but with the help of my social worker and my strong group of friends supporting me, I am confident that I will come out of this pandemic a better person than I was before.